Casa de Campo Marina (Phase II)

Marina Chavón, S. A

Engineering, materials supply, installation, and associated civil works for the electrical and telecommunication works for expansion of the Marina Chavon, which included 168 new docks for boats between 30 and 150 feet long, a new boulevard, shops, restaurants, boatyard and fueling station, located at Boca del Rio Chavon, Casa de Campo Resort.

The electrical works included: underground 15KV medium voltage feeders, 6,300 KVA installed in transformers, general grounding system, low voltage power distribution for buildings, docks and public services, underground distribution infrastructure of telephone and cable-tv services, power feeders and conduits for telephone and cable-tv services connected to the individual service stations for docked vessels at the marina, general lighting system of streets and public areas, among other facilities.

La Romana, 2005

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