Caralva, S. A.

Electrical materials supply and power and lighting installation of store buildings and exteriors (3 stores, two located at Santo Domingo and one in Santiago). Charles Sumner Ave., Santo Domingo. 1999-2000. Estrella Sadhala Ave., Santiago 1999-2000. Mella Highway, Santo Domingo, 2000

The electrical works included: medium voltage (12.5 KV) feeder, 1000 KVA main transformer, load distribution equipment, emergency generation system and automatic transfer switch, low voltage power distribution for feeders and outlets, interior and exterior lighting, and conduits for distribution of voice, data, cable television and security systems.

  1. Av. Charles Summer Santo Domingo, 1999-2000
  2. Av. Estrella Sadhala Santiago de los Caballeros, 1999-2000
  3. Carretera Mella Santo Domingo, 2000