Maternal Hospital Dr. Reynaldo Almánzar – Ciudad de la Salud

Constructor, Consulting & Engineering (CCE)

Supply and installation of electrical systems for the maternity hospital in a four-story building with 13,000 M ² of usable area, equipped for 171 beds and all the necessary facilities for emergency care, medical and diagnostics consults, surgery, intensive care, laboratory, sterilization unit, kitchen, laundry and cafeteria. The electrical works included: main feeder at 15KV medium voltage, general system grounding and lightning protection, transformer station with capacity for 2,000 KVA, emergency generating system with two generators of 1,000 KW each operating in parallel with an automatic synchronization system, a 300 KW reserve generator and UPS system for critical loads, general distribution of low voltage power (feeders and outputs), isolated distribution systems for surgical areas, general interior and exterior lighting system, facilities wiring for communication systems, data and cable-TV.

Av. Charles de Gaulle, Santo Domingo, 2010-2013

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