Mustang Data Center


Supply and installation of redundant electrical system for a data processing center (data center) for the NAP del Caribe. This system was installed complying with Tier 3 certification standards, all equipment and materials were UL approved, the installation strictly complying with international norms such as NEC, NFPA-70, ANSI, NEMA, Etc.

These installations include:

1. Main Power Feeder

  • 0.4 kilometers of 15KV, 3 phase power feeder in a combination of aerial with concrete poles and underground sections.
  • 15 KV MV Switchgear (600 A) with 2 input cubicles and 2 outgoing cubicules.
  • 1,500 KVA Substation with dry type transformer 12,470 / 480Y/277 volts for (A) LV feeder.
  • Refurbishing of existing 1000 KVA substation with a pad mounted transformer with oil 12,470/480Y/277 volts, for (B) LV feeder.

2. Main Grounding System

Grid consists of “soft-draw”, uninsulated, AWG 4/0 and 1/0 cables with exothermic welds, copper grounding rods, copper connection bars, grounding of all electrical and datacenter equipment, grounding of metallic structures and mechanical floors.

3. LV emergency power Generation System with:

  • Two 750 KW “Data Center Continuos Duty” generators, auto-sinchronized, encapsulated for noise atenuation, and fuel Day Tank integrated to sub base of each generator.
  • Automated Fuel Supply and Maintenance for the emergency power generators.
  • A 5,000 gallon main fuel storage tank (system expandable to 10,000 glns)

4. LV Rendundant Power Distribution System, which include:

  • Two twin 480 V, 2000 A integrated substations each with: 2,000 A main breaker (utility side), 3 – 1,200 A breakers for each emergency power generator, 2,000 A automatic transfer switch (ATS), 2000 A switchboard with its outgoing breakers and transient voltage protection, all remotely controlled by central PLC system.
  • 3 independent 480V, 1,200A switchboards for each emergency power generator feeder.
  • Centralized PLC control system HMI grafic interface allowing manual and automated control of transference and load control for entire system.
  • 12 panelboards ranging between 1200 and 100 amperes for power distribution and load protection.
  • 262.5 KVA in dry type transformers 480-208Y/120 volts, switches, manual and automatic transfer switches, for redundant power feeders.

5. Redundant UPS System, which include:

  • 2- 275KVA UPS units.
  • 1 – 20KVA UPS unit for general services with external bypass.
  • 4 – integrated PDU cabinets fro UPS power distribution each with 250 A main breaker, 150KVA dry transformer, independent distribution panels for 480V and for 120/208 V.

6. LV Feeders, which include:

  • 125,000 feet of Low Voltage, AWG, insulated cables
  • 10,000 feet of control cables
  • 400 feet Aluminum, ladder type cable trays.
  • 5,000 feet of PVC underground conduits
  • 20,000 feet of EMT conduits.
  • 2,500 feet of RMC conduits.
  • 2,000 feet of BX and Liquid Tight flexible conduits.
  • Anti-seismic support system for cable trays and conduits.

7. General lighting and power outlets

  • 150 – lighting outlets with 100% LED industrial luminaires.
  • 94 – 280 and120 V power outlets.
  • 13 – lighting control switches.

8. Cable Tray System for data and BMS

  • 1300 feet of cable trays for data and communication.
  • Anti-seismic support system.

9. Electrical Labor

Over 25,00 manhours of incident free work complying with HSE standards and QA/QC protocols.

Parque Cibernético Santo Domingo, 2016 – 2017