Commercial and Institutional

Corporate Offices for Grupo GB (Texaco)


Supply and Installation of electrical works for the corporate offices(2 levels) for Grupo GB (TEXACO). The electrical works include: Supply of main electrical equipments. LV load distribution and protection centers. UPS feeder, as well as […]

Corporate Building for Grupo Punta Cana

CARALVA - Grupo Punta Cana

Supply and Installation of electrical works for the 5 level corporate building for Grupo Punta Cana. The electrical works include: General grounding system and lightning arrester system. Supply of main electrical equipments including 300 KVA […]

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Diagonale Residential Tower


Supply and installation of electrical works for a 17 floor residential building with 3 levels of underground parking. The electrical works include: Supply and installation of main electrical equipment. Main power feeder (12.5KV). Supply and […]

Main Corporate Building for Referencia Laboratorio Clínico

Referencia Laboratorio Clínico

Supply and Installation of electrical works for the 4 level, 4000 m2 area, corporate building including their main blood sample processing center and parking building for Referencia Laboratorio Clinico. The electrical works include: General grounding […]

Bank Operations Building Banco BHD León

Banco BHD León

Supply and installation of main electrical works for an environmental friendly building with 2 underground levels of 4,200 M2 housing the main vault, cash handling center, and main security monitoring center, electrical and mechanical rooms, […]

Hyundai Showroom – and service workshop for commercial vehicles


Electrical installation works for 6,000 m2 commercial vehicle showroom and service workshop which includes: MV and LV power distribution, power transformer, emergency power generator, load centers and power meter, interior and exterior lighting, communication conduit […]

Multifunctional Parking Building

Banco BHD León

Electrical supply and installation for a 9 level plus 2 underground level parking building with cafeteria, autobanking, and technical service center. Installation works includes main power feeders, power transformers, Medium and low voltage power distribution, […]

Lincoln Mil57 Commercial Tower

Inversiones Aljosa

Design, Supply and Installation of the electrical system for the “Lincoln Mil57” commercial tower consisting of 10 levels for corporate offices and 4 underground parking levels. The installation works includes a 1,500 KVA power transformer, […]

Free Zone | Office Building

Central Romana Corp., LTD

Electrical supply and installation of MV feeders, power transformer, LV power distribution, lighting, and conduit infrastructure for communications. La Romana, 2014

Jumbo – Agora Mall

Centro Cuesta Nacional (CCN)

Design, supply and installation of general electrical and lighting systems, to Jumbo hypermarket, anchor store of Agora Mall, with 7,800 M² of new construction divided into two levels of supermarket and department store with its […]