Central Romana Medical Center

Central Romana Corp.

Supply and installation of electrical systems for the modern medical center of Central Romana, with a building of three levels and 15,000 M² of construction, capacity for 82 beds, and facilities for emergency care, medical and diagnostic consults, surgery and deliveries, laboratory , X-ray, kitchen, cafeteria, laundry.

The electrical work included:

  • Main feeder at 15 KV medium voltage,
  • General system grounding and lightning rod,
  • Transformer station with capacity for 1,500 KVA,
  • Emergency generation system,
  • Uninterrupted power supply system (UPS) for critical loads ,
  • General distribution of low voltage power (feeders and outputs),
  • Isolated distribution systems for surgical areas ,
  • General interior and exterior lighting system,
  • Facilities for wiring communication systems, data and cable-tv.

La Romana, 2008-2010

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