Bank Operations Building Banco BHD León

Banco BHD León

Supply and installation of main electrical works for an environmental friendly building with 2 underground levels of 4,200 M2 housing the main vault, cash handling center, and main security monitoring center, electrical and mechanical rooms, storage areas, and parking. Also has 3 levels with 5,200 M2 of office space. The electrical works include:

  • Grounding System and Lightning Arrester System.
  • Substation for Medium Voltage to Low Voltage conversion.
  • Load distribution and protection centers.
  • LV distribution feeders and outlets.
  • General cable management system for electrical installations (power, data, and communication) beneath technical floor.
  • General interior and exterior lighting systems with LED and fluorescent fixtures.
  • Canalizations for data and communication systems.

27 de Febrero Av./ Winston Churchill Av.,
Santo Domingo, 2016 – en proceso .