Agora Mall
Ágora Mall

Landmark Realty Corp.

Supply and installation of electrical systems for a 120,000 M² commercial building divided into 4 levels of shops, halls, food court and parking facilities for 1,800 vehicles in three underground levels and nine levels in a high rise tower. The electrical works included: connection and medium voltage distribution at 12.47 KV, emergency generation system with three 1750 KW generators at 12.47 KW KV each connected in parallel with an automatic synchronization cabinet and five integrated transformation substations 12.470-480Y/277 volts and 10,000 KVA of installed distribution load circuits, double bar busway distribution system at 4,000 amperes each, load centers and local metering for all the rented spaces, power supplies and power distribution outlets, indoor and outdoor lighting, including other facilities. Ave. Abraham Lincoln at corner of Ave. John F. Kennedy, Santo Domingo, 2010-2012.