Acropolis Center & Citibank Tower

Brownsville Business Corp.

Installation and materials supply, for main electrical power, telecommunication distribution, and common area lighting and power for 3-level shopping mall, 17 level office tower and 4-level underground parking, located at Winston Churchill Ave.

The electrical works included: grounding and lightning arrester system, main feeders and overall distribution of medium and low voltage power, eight (8) integrated substations for transformation and load distribution for an installed load of 17,500 KVA, bus bar duct system and low voltage power distribution, interior and exterior lighting, electromechanical installation of the emergency generation system with two diesel generators of 1150 KW at 1800 RPM (each) for Citibank and common areas of the tower and shopping mall, conduits for the distribution of telephone services, cable television, centralized security systems (burglar alarm and CCTV), fire alarm, and centralized system for management and billing of electricity to establishments within the mall.

Santo Domingo, 2002-2004